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Style Guide: How to perfectly hide your fupa

Style Guide: How to perfectly hide your fupa


Fat upper pelvic area

FUPA is an acronym that is used to describe a loose layer of fat in the lower abdomen area that most times occurs after rapid weight loss or weight gain. 

The word is mostly used on social media and was widely adopted when Beyoncé used it to describe her abdomen in an interview. I mean, if Beyoncé can get candid about her fupa, why can’t you? 

I have a fupa and I am most certain you have it too. One of the downsides of having it is the inability to feel comfortable in tight fitting clothes. It is either you do not  feel comfortable with a protruding bulge or you feel like you cannot breathe. 

“Hmmm, ha, mtcheww”, Chika groaned as she struggled with the new waist trainer she got. I chuckled as I watched her walk around in circles, stumbling on her own balance. 

Chika, I am not sure your plan to pepper dem at this party will work. I mean, even the waist trainer is not on your side“, I said as I moved to help her with the clasps. 

Chika and I both struggled with the clasps, I was afraid she was going to collapse from seizing her own breath. For a second, I imagined seeing the news on insta blog with the caption: “A Nigerian woman almost lost her life while trying to wear a waist trainer”, with thousands of horrendous comments about how women will not kill themselves all in the name of looking good. 

Ha, me I’m tired oo. I will not kill myself because of waist trainer and big stomok“, Chika’s voice brought me back from my imaginary world. “Instead of stressing with this thing, why not dress in a way that hides your fupa? You can still be stylish while at it”, I suggested. 

Ehn ehn, how?”, Chika asked with an excitement I didn’t understand. 

Find out how to cleverly hide your fupa with these simple styling tips:


Loose fitting clothes perfectly hides your fupa. Loose shirts like oversized vintage shirts does the magic. 

Petite White I Am Enough Slogan T-Shirt Dress | PrettyLittleThing IL


Peplum outfits are great fits for flattering the stomach as they are designed to create a hanging frill or flounce that bounces as you sway. 


High waisted jeans press on the stomach and makes it look like it is smaller than it actually is. Which makes it a perfect piece for flattering the stomach, they can be paired with crop tops or statement tops. 


Wearing plain colored clothes makes your stomach very visible to the public. Wearing striped clothes or patterned clothes with busy designs helps to distract people’s attention away from your stomach. 


This is quite easy. Flared skirts are full of extra flare and movement, which makes it a perfect fit. High waisted flared skirts especially are great cuts for flattering the stomach. 


A distinctive feature of the wrap dress is that a closure is formed by wrapping one part of the fabric across the other, which covers the belly area perfectly and makes you forget you even have a FUPA. 

PS: While you work on hiding your belly fat with certain clothes, it is also pertinent to work on it from the inside by exercising and eating the right meals. 

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