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The price Nigerians pay for their Ignorance

The price Nigerians pay for their Ignorance

“But let us know what we are doing.”

I got entangled with this line, and it has been resonating in my thinking space for a while. Let us know what we are doing, this line is an excerpt from the former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo when he was admonishing the Ooni  of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, to be neutral in the political space.

Come 2023 we should really know what we are doing. Are we going to vote on the basis of endorsement, individual characteristics, influence or political sagacity? Looking at the pattern of voting over the years in this country, we’ve voted using so many guage and methods, but to what extent have we developed as a nation?

Royal endorsements, prophetically induced campaign messages, clerical preaching and endorsement has not changed the narrative and this menace isn’t only regarding the Federal executive sit alone, it cuts across all government agencies and parastatals.

Do we really know what we are doing? I’m not sure we are looking at really developing the nation come 2023, but it seems we all are still after the national cake. Can we really define what we are doing as a Nation as a process? Are we selecting the right democratic office holders using the right process and mechanism?

If we can’t describe what we are doing in our democratic space as a process, then we don’t know what we are doing.

We can get it right and it’s not too late. We have to actively participate in the process, not just to sit, watch and think the country will fix herself. We don’t have to wait for royal endorsements or religious endorsement to do what is right.

We must know what we are doing come 2023, we have to get it right this time. We must elect leaders who will propel us to positive developmental strides.

As a nation we’ve been shooting below our potentials, and that’s because we really don’t know what we are doing. If we know what we are doing we shouldn’t be talking about building new refineries at this stage when the world is moving away from fossil fuels, the needless ban on cryptocurrency won’t be in place, and we won’t have a porous border that sabotages the lives and properties of the citizenry

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If we know what we are doing, the instruments and mechanism put in place to check and curb corruption will work, not switching from one political party to another all in the name of wanting a free slate.

Numerous corruption cases weren’t thoroughly followed to the latter, and that’s because we as a nation really don’t know what we are doing 

The sad reality is this, no one will build our nation for us if we refuse to build it. We really need to know what we are doing and not just knowing, but doing it the right way.

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