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The reason you are still broke

The reason you are still broke

The unbearable cost of living in Nigeria is alarming and attention-seeking. 

As the price of basic commodities especially food, keep rising above the pocket capacity of the average citizen. Vast poverty and suffering is now the core of existence for most citizens.

The country isn’t even giving a dim light of getting better starring from the view of government and the system. 

In a population of over 200 million people, it is believed that about 30% are currently in debt, or have taken one loan or the other.

This is how much the economy has ingested critically on the impact of the lives of its citizens.

Nigeria is currently owing #35.5trn public debt, while the local stands around #21trn, with the government wanting to secure more loans. 

While this is completely a mis normal for a country so vastly blessed, one would want to think for a second, if this pattern is a cultural system being passed, considering the percentage of citizens that are in debt and the amount of debt the country currently seats on. 

Same with the percentage of people dying every day as a result of hunger. The system has failed in providing more jobs for graduates and youth, therefore leading to more rise in poverty among the citizen. 

A lot of young people are perturbed with these two edge down problems and have lost all hope in the government and their system. 

Therefore bringing the question back to their face,


It is true that the economy of this Nigeria isn’t a promising one yet, especially now for any young graduate or individual out there, so there is a need to immediately question ourselves on what can be done, because the government can’t solve the immediate needs of every member of its citizens, hence, the need to immediately pull off the scale from our eyes. 

Like every other young Nigerian out there, who is tired of being broke and poor, in this article, I will share with you certain ways you can start making money, without depending on anyone. 

Here are five mediums you could start making money from, without prior experience. 


Youtube is a platform that serves for online education, creativity and entertainment. 

One of the most visited visual platforms in the world, YouTube gives afoot for exploration and an opportunity for all. 

Every beginner-friendly curiosity can be satisfied on YouTube.

As a YouTuber, you are paid for your content in response to how much engagement you have with your YouTube channel. With a 4k hour accumulated watch time and about 1k subscribers, your channel can be monetized, then you are set to start getting paid on YouTube for making videos. 

Starting a YouTube channel only requires a smartphone for filming and an internet connection. As you grow, you can get more gadgets for better results. 

But the most important tool has to be the content you want to sell. As a YouTuber, you could be a tutor, entertainer, you could document stories about tourism and cultures, you could talk about technology, politics, etc. In Nigeria today, we have a lot of young people whose primary source of income is via their YouTube channel, the likes of fisayo fosudo, Tayo Aina, Sisi yemmie, Mark Angel Comedy, Daniel hustle, Bilikis signatures etc. 


This is another platform, that gives people the opportunity of selling their skills. 

The world is running at a very fast pace, a lot of people are trying to buy and manage their time. On fiver digital skills are sold, people want to get things easily done, so they bring their job to look for those who can perform them within a short time. Skills like graphic designing, animation and all forms of writing niche, are highly valued on fiver. Again to get started on fiver, you need a smartphone, internet access and a skill. One could earn even without a skill, by creating an account, getting people around that are skilled, then the profit is shared based on agreement. 

It is very easy to escape the walls of penury with a platform like fiver. 

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Amazon direct publishing 

The cost of value is always money, and the underlying definition of value is that one has got to be able to proffer a solution to a problem. 

This is one important facet books seeks to meet, and so apart from pertinent drive to be an author, just because you can make money from it, is enough motivation to address the problems of people and the society, and also give solutions via books. With a platform like Amazon, books are paid for to be read and downloaded, so this means that you can earn as a writer or an author via utilizing such platform. 


Every special ability a man has is first for impact and secondly, for profiting. This therefore, means that for most persons who are passionate about sharing value to people via speaking, could also earn from it, here is how. 

In today’s world, music has evolved. Gone are the days where we used hard disks to listen to music, also the platforms we use don’t give in direct access to downloading music. For every time you want to listen to a piece of music, you stream, that’s paying for it. This is one major way, musicians make money, and it’s no different for Podcasters, you could earn a lot of money just by talking and putting it up on audio music platforms like Spotify, audio mack, boom play. 


It cuts across creating and publishing educative, or informative content, articles. 

As a blogger, one can be streamlined to a particular writing niche, maybe business or fashion, or one can be versatile. 

This has to be one of the easiest ways to escape the death trap pursuit of being broke. 

All you need is to put out your content, and with good engagement, you could start making money, just like YouTube uses the channels of individuals to advertise, Google uses the platform of bloggers to advertise also. You can be sure of a consistent flow of income via blog because more individuals will also promote their businesses and information via your blog to reach more people. 

Just like the above mentioned, there are several other ways to defeat the underlying effect of lack in society, thereby causing the average man not to be tagged as broke anymore.

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