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5 Businesses to start in 2022 that will build you up for life

5 Businesses to start in 2022 that will build you up for life

At the beginning of every year, there are basically two types of people. The first set are the people who have a very clear plan as to how to go about the year financially and make more money. These ones have even started as early as the previous year to draft out plans and set goals on how to strategize and do better in the new year. The second set are very unique individuals for a very special reason. They have absolutely no idea on how to even go about the new year. Like they are practically lost even when the year is just starting. Lol! 

Tell me honestly, between you and I, which category do you fall into? The first or the second? Many people fall into that second category. The funny thing is, people with well draft out plans on how to go about the year usually get stuck and confused somewhere around the first quarter of the year, because the hype and ginger they started the year with fades off when reality sets in. How much more someone with absolute no plans! 

How do you even expect to succeed at something you have no plan or ideas about? Miracles right? Anyways, I’m sure you know heaven help those who help themselves. In this article, I’ll be discussing 5 business that are sure to set you up for life! I mean for life! But before I proceed, let me give you one free tip that you should always have at the back of your minds. When deciding which business you want to go into that would pay always, choose something that is always in demand. In another article, i’ll discuss this, But right now, I’m talking about something that people would always want whether they like it or not!

Cake Making:

This is one goldmine that people don’t really know. Not that people don’t know, but they feel that there are too many people in the field already. That isn’t true. I need you to understand something about demand. Whether people like it or not, birthdays will always be celebrated, weddings will always take place, bridal shower will continue to be done, anniversary and many other celebrations must be done regularly, and cakes would always be used in all the celebrations. Forget about how many people are already in the business of cake making, look for a recommended cake school, pay and attend the classes to learn and master the craft. It will pay you for life.

Fashion Designing:

Who doesn’t wear clothes? Who wants to be left out in the fashion trends? Aso ebi geng turn up? Who says fashion designing is not lucrative? Just like cakes, clothes will forever be in demand. Styles would keep evolving. Instead of focusing on how many fashion designers there are in the world, and how insignificant you might be when compared to the vast number, focus on how to be a professional in your own way and uniqueness. All it takes is a sewing machine, and an open mind that is willing to learn. Determination is key. Take your time and learn the craft, and within one year, you should already be making really nice wears for sale. You’ll grow and become better over the years, and you’ll be financially protected too.

Auto-Gele Making

Before now, I have never imagined that this business would get the recognition it is getting today. Seriously! I obviously didn’t think about it well. Let me tell you why. Today, autogele making is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria, it even goes beyond Nigeria. Owanbe no dey ever finish! Celebrations here and there. Brides wanting to look good traditionally, Asoebi girls with their massive gele game every Saturday. I have a friend who does this Auto-Gele business, and she’s one of the best in the game. Just like fashion designing, this would require a sewing machine and a very creative mind. One thing is certain, as long as weddings and traditional celebrations are still done every week, this craft remains evergreen.

Hair Making

I don’t know how else to explain to people especially young girls that this is one business venture that never dies. Interestingly, guys have also gotten involved in this business. Infact, guys are better hairstylists. In areas like Africa where our hairs need to be maintained regularly either as a man or woman, building a business around this need is a very smart move. Ladies can learn how to make female hairs, as well as male haircuts. They could choose to focus on one gender. The main thing is learning the craft and learning it well, then building yourself as an outstanding brand. 


Yes, Writing! Some persons are naturally gifted to express themselves with words. They do it effortlessly. Interestingly, this skill can be monetized. Some writers get paid. For example, Federal Character pay their writers, same with some other websites and blogs. For those who are in the system, its not just pen and paper. Some aspects of writing when properly studied and applied would make you earn as much as 6 figures. Some companies are on the look of for copy writers to help project their businesses and get good customers. If you’re a writer, look out for these opportunities, and search for ways to build yourself. 

If you take a look at these businesses discussed here, you’ll realize that these things aren’t new. It’s just that people don’t take advantage of these things. They see it as regular. If you know how many people are jobless and still hoping for how to get money, and you compare that figure with people that have the skills mentioned in this article, then you’ll understand why you should take this article seriously. 

You’ll never run out of cash.

Do you still have other businesses you think should be on this list? Lets see them in the comment section.

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