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5 Tomboyish outfits to rock this Season

5 Tomboyish outfits to rock this Season

I went to the men’s section at RED TAG to get a pair of hoodie and baggy tops because my skin needs to be protected, but now I’m obsessed. I’ll probably dress this way forever – Ini

My dress code these days has been a hoodie, baggy Jeans, a pair of socks and sneakers. It feels like a uniform as every other person on the streets of Lagos seems to be wearing the same and yo, it is dope! 

Tomboy fashion no doubt has been on the trend list for years now, and this season comes with the need to cover up your body in order to protect it from the harsh weather. 

The term “Tomboy” is used to refer to men’s style that is adopted by women.

Most people, women especially, have found comfort in baggy shirts, oversized cardigan or hoodie and huge slacks or pants. They just do not want to be bothered with the hassles of wearing tight fitted clothing or worry about how their ass looks in a pair of jeans. Which is particularly one of the reasons why some women have adopted the tomboy fashion. 

For most women, it is not about the style of clothing. It is more about feeling comfortable in whatever she is wearing.  


The tomboy style is a balance of things from the male closet combined with feminine essentials plus some sexual details. The aim is to rock tomboy looks while remaining within the boundaries of femininity and keeping it sexy while at it.  Here is a few tomboy outfits you can rock:

This is great as a work piece. Pair with tailored trousers and Oxford shoes for the perfect appropriate tomboy look. 

This is very versatile and can be worn for different occasions. 

This is not appropriate for work but can be worn to any other event. Hangout with friends, informal work meetings…

Of course suits! This is good for work, presentations. If you do not want to deal with the hassles of tight fitting suits, this is a perfect alternative. You can pair it with sneakers or heels.

Want to throw it back a little to the heydays? This is just the perfect wear. You are definitely going to make head turns in this. 

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This is perfect for running errands and catching up with friends. Do not forget to step out with your moisturizer. 

Essential Wardrobe Needs

 Here are a few wardrobe essentials you need to have to rock tomboy style:

High top sneakers 

This pair of sneakers can be paired with literally everything. Ranging from baggy jeans to flowing floral dress or chiffon skirts. 


Almost every boy out there owns at least a pair of hoodies, they seem to love the aura of mystery and comfort it provides. Your tomboy wardrobe essential is not complete without this piece.

Button down dress shirt 


Although Suits are more common with men, they are a unisex piece of clothing and can be worn by women too. 

Boyfriend jeans 

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