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Burundians are stuck because the regime forbids Serbian travel

Burundians are stuck because the regime forbids Serbian travel

Even though they have a passport and visa, citizens of Burundi are not allowed to travel to Serbia.

Recently, hundreds of Burundians have been left stuck at airports in Turkey and Qatar because those countries’ authorities demanded Serbian visas from them.

Following the signing of a visa-free agreement between Burundi and Serbia in June, thousands of Burundians have purchased airline tickets to Serbia. Many people who had arrived in the country outside of the EU headed west, mostly to Belgium.

The interior ministry of Burundi said on Sunday that approximately 200 citizens were returning home.

“It is forbidden for Burundian nationals with regular passports and visas to travel to Serbia from the airport in Bujumbura, as well as via neighboring nations, “on Twitter, the ministry announced.

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The Burundian government has warned citizens against using all of their resources to raise money for a trip to Europe. Insisting on investing in “activities for personal growth in Burundi.

However, some claim that if the government “does not generate jobs and allow all regardless of their political affiliation or tribe,” the movement would “continue even more.”

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