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Cross of Big Brother Nigeria Arrested

Cross of Big Brother Nigeria Arrested

Dem don start? Just now ooo. Him neva even commot for house finish, na inside police net straight. I no surprise bcos na their way. 

Ikechukwu Sunday Okonkwo, that you all know as Cross, came out on social media to let us know that he was arrested in South Africa. 

But what he says was an arrest was only a stop for questioning, because apparently there was a curfew in the city when he arrived.  So why even mention it to us when he knows it wasn’t really an arrest?


He knows Nigerians. Rubbish and no-news like this is what they live for. 

“So SA i got stopped by your police, apparently there’s a curfew. They took me to their office, omo nobody tell me oo.

“So guys i tell them say i get name called Siyabonga and my first time in SA, and they smiled and i think they wan let us go ooo”, he posted.

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