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Does Capital Punishment Reduce Crime?

Does Capital Punishment Reduce Crime?

Every mature person in age and most especially in mindset understands that actions come with consequences. This is the basis on which laws are made. There are spelled out consequences binding on people that perpetuate certain acts.

This is quite logical. However, the bigger question is how far are we supposed to go in dishing out consequences? On this note, you should know that there is such a thing as capital punishment.

What this means is that punishment by death is permitted by the state for certain offenses. Places like Nigeria, Egypt, India, China, Singapore, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Japan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and even some states in the United States still approve of capital punishment.

Some people think that this sort of punishment for offenders is barbaric and needs to come to an end. Just so you know, many human rights activists fall into this category. Another school of thought thinks that certain criminal offenders are grievous enough to warrant the death penalty.

The last thing we want to be doing is getting involved in this debate. Rather, we should address if capital punishment solves the problem of crime. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, the answer is a big NO!

At least, that is what the stats from reliable bodies have proven. Bodies such as the American Civil Liberties Union have researched this subject and have come to this conclusion.

The recent decision of the Malaysian government to abolish capital punishment might also suggest that this is every bit the case. This is a country that has relentlessly dished out the death penalty even to drug offenders.

One would think that this would reduce the rate at which drug abuse and trafficking happen in the country. Well, this is far from the case and this might have made these lawmakers rethink their position on approving the death penalty.

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Do some people deserve to be killed for perpetuating certain criminal acts? Well, we would leave you to answer that question.

However, if it is about fighting crime, stats have shown that capital punishment brings absolutely nothing to the table. So, maybe it is just time to rethink our stance on capital punishment as a nation. Just as Malaysia has recently done.

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