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Ekiti Robbers to Die for committing Multiple Crimes

Ekiti Robbers to Die for committing Multiple Crimes

Two Kidnappers named, Kola Makinde and Haruna Kita, have been sentenced to death by hanging by the Ekiti State High court. They were charged to court on six counts centering on, Conspiracy, Robbery, rape, and Kidnapping.

The two men last year October robbed two men of their gadgets and money at Idi mango camp, Ilasa Ekiti State. that same day they abducted a man named Adejuwon Daramola and raped a 19-year-old mother of a 5-month-old baby.

According to one of the victims, he heard a loud sound on his door and was forced to open the door, when they entered they beat up his wife and wanted to rape his daughter, and stole 31,000 from his room

“When they entered, they beat my wife and me with their cutlass; they took away the N31,000 I collected from a business center in the afternoon.”

“Thereafter, they took my daughter outside intending to rape her, but she resisted, following which they ordered her to sit with those already captured outside. They kidnapped Adejuwon and later demanded a N5m ransom,” he added.

The 19 years old mother recounted that they entered their house before she could escape, and then they took her baby from her and raped her “But before I knew it, they entered our house; they asked of my neighbor and I told them that I did not see him. They collected my baby from me, removed my pants, and had sex with me. They were later arrested by the vigilantes in the community. They were recognized and identified by the fez cap forgotten at one of the crime scenes,” she added They were later caught by the Vigilantes in the town 

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Justice Olalekan the presiding judge of the high court, found them guilty of all the charges and passed the sentence according to the law.

He said, “For count one (conspiracy), the defendants are sentenced to seven years imprisonment; counts two and three (armed robbery), the defendants are sentenced to death, to be hanged by the neck until they are dead, may God have mercy on your souls; count six (kidnapping), the defendants are sentenced to life imprisonment.  The sentences are to run concurrently.”

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