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Fake Prophecy: Can Nigeria follow Ghana’s path?

Fake Prophecy: Can Nigeria follow Ghana’s path?

For sometimes now, Ghana has become a moral compass for Nigerians. Nigerians view Ghana as their adopted country. They’re quick to point out where Ghana is making head way, and then make it the yardstick through which Nigeria can emulate her transformation from underdevelopment. To many Nigerians Ghana can do no wrong to the extent of siding with Ghana to counter any narrative of development in Nigeria by bro government.

Earlier this week, news filtered out the warnings by Ghanaian Police Service threatening to jail religious leaders that embarked on fake prophecies. In the press statement released to the media titled “ Communication of prophecies and their legal implication”, the Ghanaian police warned that people should desist from making up false information that is capable of instilling fear in the mind of the populace in the name of prophecy.

The police tactfully reminded leaders of faith that their right to freedom of religion is guaranteed under the constitution of Ghana, but how it is a crime to publish any false claim that can cause fear and beliefs that lead to loss of life.

Just like Ghana, a lot of atrocities have been committed in Nigeria over time for what people perceived as prophecy. Every now and then, these man of God make bold assertions that is devoid of any logic or empirical procedures to arrive at their predictions. People gullibly follow those predictions thinking it can come to pass.

Not long ago, the build up to 2015 general elections, there was a bold predictions by clerics that General Muhammadu Buhari Rted, a flag bearer of All Progressives Congress in the presidential election was going to die if he eventually won the election. They package it in a way that was hard for people not to believe. As you can see the prophecy is nothing but figment of lie from the so-called man of God

In 2020, a Lagos based pastor made a prophecy that Donald Trump will win his re-election as the president of United States which was eventually won by Joe Biden of the Democrat. And just like the above stated prophecy, it is all lies.

What can we do to stop the menace of false prophecy in Nigeria? Ghana’s way is an option but Nigerians even those that see Ghana as el dorado of a nation will fight to resist the illegalization of fake prophecy. Nigerians are only interested in development but not how those progressing nations arrived at their development destination.

Those developed nations sacrifice many things to be where they are today. If Nigeria attempt to go the Ghana way, the outcry from the so-called enlightened people will go right to the heavens, and the religion card will be thrown up. Nobody dares touch them for the fear that it can trigger so much uproar.

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Nigerians also hide under the guise of freedom of expression to commit many atrocities that are not possible in a saner climes, but in Nigeria who dares do the right thing when religion is concerned. It is even alleged that some Nigerians received a grant from international donors in name of fight against suppression of freedom of expression.

Nigeria really need to tame the fury of fake prophecy that has been a norm nowadays.

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