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Gunman Kills 3 University Students in the US

Gunman Kills 3 University Students in the US

An ex-United States college football player has been arrested on Monday, November 14, and charged with murder after 3 players of the present University of Virginia team were shot dead at the school a few hours’ drive shy, of the US capital.

This latest outburst of campus gun violence is coming as 4 people were found dead in a different incident close to the University of Idaho.

The shooting had occurred on a bus while students were coming back from a field trip, according to UVA president Jim Ryan, who said all the dead members were of the 

Additionally, 2 other students were injured, Ryan, the UVA president said, and one out of the two was in critical condition.

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The White House sent its condolences to families of the victims of the “senseless shooting” and called on Congress to pass stricter gun control laws.

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