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“I am a Pro-constitutional Democrat”, AGF denies ‘secret memo’

“I am a Pro-constitutional Democrat”, AGF denies ‘secret memo’

The attorney general of the federation denied sending a secret memo to the presidency yesterday.

On Wednesday, it was reported that Malami the attorney general of the federation, sent the presidency a secret memo on “martial law”

According to the report, Malami in his memo suggested that the presidency should suspend civil government and impose military government in the country. 

In an interview, Umar Jibril Gwandu, his Special Assistant on Media and Public Relations stated that the incident never happened as it was merely propaganda from those who are against the democracy of Nigeria. 

“Malami is a true democrat that believes in the rule of law and principle of democracy and Constitutional order. The Office of the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice are constitutionally recognized, and his roles and responsibilities are also in the constitution.”

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Malami also said that there is a lot of tension in Nigeria as a result of the killings and rising insecurity, but that he did not send such memo to the president. In his words, 

“There are lots of insecurities happening in Nigeria, people are taking advantage of the Nigeria Federal Government respect for human rights to commit insurgency”.

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