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IPOB dares FG

IPOB dares FG

The Indigenous People of Biafra group has given the Federal Government a 12-day ultimatum for the unconditional release of their leader, if not the whole South Eastern region will be on total lock down for a week

Apparently, it seems the people of the South Eastern region are getting used to the lockdown decree and are already adapting to it. In all honesty, it seems like there’s an absence of what I will term executive power. Is it that the state governors in the Eastern part have lost zero control of their region?

Anambra state has adopted and approved Saturday as a school day to replace Monday. This move doesn’t make any sense to me, and it has not addressed the issue at hand.

What then is the problem? Ever since IPOB declared a sit at home order on July 30, 2021 which was enforced on August 9 2021 things has seemed to nosedive in the Eastern region, with unjust killings and hardship on the innocent citizenry.

The real faces and sponsors behind the “unknown gunmen” is even unknown. You can’t even rule out a possibility of some hired machinery doing the bid of some individuals and settling personal scores in this kind of scenario, but we really can’t blame anyone, the government created this vacuum and it has been filled with mayhem.

The governors in the South East have pampered this monster that is about to develop into full anarchy. Let me use this medium to state that if IPOB makes good of their threat and the scheduled election do not hold on November 6, there will be a power vacuum and this will lead to the Federal Government declaring a state of emergency which will be followed by Military intervention

Hope the people know what IPOB are requesting for?

The negative results of the continuous sit at home order isn’t really affecting anyone more than the people IPOB claims to be fighting for, the common man in the East who is feeding from hand to mouth, the elites who are being killed by some acclaimed unknown gunmen.

Students who are not made to learn and write exams, pastors being murdered, mothers weeping. All in the name of what??

There are better ways to seek for a sovereign nation without putting your people in harms way. Let’s be clear it will be irrational for anyone to think the Federal Government will release Nnamdi Kanu based on IPOB’s threat.

The Federal Government isn’t also helping matters. If the IPOB leader has been found wanting of any crime, let him be tried by a competent court according to the constitution governing us as a nation.

If the Federal Government isn’t proactive what are the State governors doing? The people did not vote IPOB, the governors should be responsible to their people.

Recent happenings in various parts of the country just makes one ask, how did we get here?

The call for sedition reached its peak during this present dispensation, the South East wanted out, some quarters in the South West wanted the Oduduwa Nation.

The shaky security apparatus and poor intelligence is also a contributing factor to where we’ve found ourselves as a nation. If IPOB can declare a sit at home order and it will be followed to the latter, they will one day take over the governor’s office.

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