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“Keep young people Busy” Gerorge Ehusani

“Keep young people Busy” Gerorge Ehusani

(…An idle mind is the Devil’s abode…)

A Nigerian Catholic priest has called on the need for the Nigerian Government to be a Good Shepherd to their people and most especially keep the youths busy.

He made this known while giving his homily on the Good shepherd on Sunday in Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, Abuja. The Cleric categorically stated that the Government has failed in its duties. He also called on the need to ensure that universities are reopened as soon as possible to ensure that the youths are kept safe in schools. He also opined that any nation not capable of holding back their youths in schools and other activities is liable to breeding criminals.

The Priest further stated that keeping young people between the ages of 17-21 idle is already a subject for future disaster. He further linked the high increase in fraud and crime to the fact that the youths are not being engaged. The youths are wallowing their precious time in things that will not yield good fruits.He noted that anyone with the intentions of leading this country and is not looking at the need to keep the youths busy simply has a lot of questions to answer.

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“Keep young people busy, if you don’t keep them busy then you are calling for criminality.”

Young people should be kept busy because they are strong and energetic, the idler they are, the more harmful they can be.

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