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Post-2023: Looking Forward to a Better Nigeria.

Post-2023: Looking Forward to a Better Nigeria.

This article discusses Nigeria’s prospects after 2023. It expresses the writer’s optimism of a better nation and brings to the spotlight the many challenges that the country faces, but also, the many opportunities that are present for growth if Nigerians do what’s politically right to achieve it.

The writer urges Nigerians to work together, irrespective of their social differences to build a better future for this country.

The 2023 presidential elections are right around the corner, and every true, patriotic and good-spirited Nigerian wishes to see that this country progresses in all its sectors positively. We all have within us the hope of having a better nation, but we lack the insight as to whom will lead us to the proverbial “promised land”.

However, there are Nigerians who, for a sole reason or another, do not mean well to this country, and who will do all they can within their capabilities to ensure that this country does not progress.

Not even in a thousand years can it be disputed that the standard of leadership in every aspect will be a crucial driving force to the success of this project. Therefore, every Nigerian must examine the records of every presidential aspirant to select the best candidate at the polls.We all wish to have a leader who is serious and committed to socio-economic development, which is a very vital and critical aspect of nation-building. Economic growth and prosperity, higher standard of living, and infrastructural development are all results of good governance and key indicators of socioeconomic development. A leader who does not take the economy seriously is likely to do a lot of damage to the country. We want a leader who intends to resuscitate our dying industries, create more job opportunities, and introduce good poverty alleviation and skill acquisition schemes. To get a roaring success, we need a leader who can create good economic policies with the ability to implement them. Other economic reforms should be of utmost importance to a leader, which includes the introduction of credible exchange rate policies which could go a long way in reviving our fast devaluing currency and maintaining its purchasing power.

Nigeria’s educational system is currently in a state of disarray. A good leader invests in quality education because he knows that education is a key economic indicator and that a well-educated population is essential for a country’s economic growth. Nigeria at this stage needs a leader who will make qualitative education a top priority because he or she knows that asides from it being a key economic indicator, it is also a powerful vehicle and panacea to eradicating most of the vices and ills bedeviling our society today.

Our health sector doesn’t seem favorable to many Nigerians due to the poor infrastructures, unavailability of quality healthcare, and corruption which has left it in disarray and made many even our leaders who are supposed to revive it, seek medical attention outside the shores of the country. Little wonder as to why Nigeria’s health system was ranked the 4th worst in the world after a study conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Nigeria needs a leader who will ensure the renascence of our health sector and prevent further spending on medical tourism.From the 1960s till the early 80s, Nigeria was an export-driven nation. Today, a lot has changed as we are now import-oriented. Our industries are ailing. Our refineries are in bad shape. We need a leader who will be able to transform Nigeria back into a producing nation. With that, we could have a fast-growing economy and the availability of more jobs.

We need a leader who will also invest in and encourage our inventors.We want a leader who will introduce policy initiatives that would help promote agricultural productivity and development. We want a leader who acknowledges that agriculture is the backbone of any prosperous economy, and would work towards ensuring that the country becomes an agricultural powerhouse.Nigeria seems to retrogress when it comes to the security of lives and properties. It is even recognized globally as one of the most terrorized nations on earth. We want a leader who wouldn’t just promise to improve national security within a specific given time, but who knows what it takes to achieve such.My fellow Nigerians, it is crucial that we be clear-headed and rational in making the best decision possible when voting for our next leader. We need to be sure to weigh all the options carefully and not let our emotions get in the way. We cannot afford to vote based on regional, religious or partisan interests- we need a leader who will put the good of our nation first. The only way to ensure this is to choose the most competent candidate, regardless of their tribe or party affiliation. Let’s work together to build a better Nigeria!

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