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Kidnap- Police Arrest Six Suspects in Lagos.

Kidnap- Police Arrest Six Suspects in Lagos.

Lagos may be a commercial city flourishing with kinds of businesses, but it’s also a center for crime, flourishing with all kinds of illegal activities. The Lagos State Police Force has announced the arrest of six men, for the abduction of eight years old girls.

The little girl happens to be the daughter of a Bureau de Change operator in Lagos, this information was revealed by the State Police Spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin on his Twitter handle.

According to him, investigations revealed that the kidnappers were also Bureau de Change operators operating in the same district as the Victim’s father

He wrote, “These six conspired and kidnapped the eight-year-old child of a BDC operator.

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“The child was released three days later bound with hands and feet in a sack. Preliminary investigation reveals that all the suspects are fellow BDC operators in the same business district of Lagos.”

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