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Nigerians set June 12 for “Buhari Must Go” protest

Nigerians set June 12 for “Buhari Must Go” protest

All things being equal, Nigerians will hold a protest tagged “Buhari Must Go” on Saturday, June 12, 2021.

Nigerians across the thirty six states of the federation and those in diaspora will storm the streets to voice out their demands to president Muhammadu Buhari.

They will be demanding, Justice For End SARS victims; Abolishment of 1999 Constitution; End to Banditry; End to Terrorism & Insecurity. On their placards, we may also see demands such as: Kogi Youths & Nicholas Mbah; Patanmi Must Go; Revert Party Deregistration; Free all detained activists & Buhari Must Go among others. 

The protest will be led by human rights activist and former presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore. Recall that Sowore wa reported shot at (with teargas) by the Nigerian police during a protest at Unity Fountain on Monday.

Here are some of the tweet in support of the planned agitation: “Good morning oppressed citizens! We urge you to please join us nationwide/worldwide to engage in massive street action on June 12 2021. #June12Protest  #BuhariMustGo #Revolutionnow@AbiodunLijofi”, Sowore wrote on Twitter.

Other Nigerians declared solidarity and promised to come out for the protest.

@AbiodunLijofi wrote: “Naira is at its worse, students are getting kidnapped, southern kaduna and benue indigenes have become victims of organized massacre #June12Protest”.

@ReynoldsE: “Every day, we keep crying online. It’s time to be responsible. Let’s flood the street on June 12.#June12Protest”.

@UncleShinelz:  No electricity in most parts of the country. But there is enough money to swallow and swindle from the customers through estimated bills. Let there be light, affordable and constant!#June12Protest”.

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Federal Character reports that the preparation for the massive protest is now more serious than ever before.

On Thursday, Sowore posted a picture of a branded vehicle to be used on the day of that protest on his social media page while giving updates on how the preparation is going.

“GIDDY UP! June 12 2021 come out en mass to a #Buharimustgo global protest!  #RevolutionNow”, he tweeted.

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