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Jordan Herderson: It is Sad Losing Mane To Bayern Munich

Jordan Herderson: It is Sad Losing Mane To Bayern Munich

All football lovers know Sadio Mane, a world-famous player. Jordan Herderson, the Liverpool team’s captain, made an emotional revelation that the whole team still hasn’t accepted the reality of Sadio’s move to Bayern Munich. He revealed that in an interview

“It was always difficult to lose Sadio because he is world-class – one of the best strikers in the world. We were sad that he was leaving but we wish him the best.”

He added: “For us, you look at the forward line and it’s still very strong. We brought in new players, but we also have world-class players who played last season.”

Earlier this month, Bayern Munich acquired Sadio Mane for £32million, Sadio Mane signed a three-year deal with Bayern to play as a forward. Mane declared his good fortune to be with the Bundesliga champions.

I’m really happy to finally be with FC Bayern in Munich.”

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We had a lot of talks and I felt a great interest in this big club from the start. So it was clear to me from the start: This is the right time for this challenge. I want to achieve a lot with this club, and also internationally. During my time in Salzburg, I followed a lot of FC Bayern games – I really like this club!”

Sadio Mane is a Senegalese professional soccer player, he is a world-famous player and of course one of the best African players of his time. One cannot begin to talk about his performance as he has achieved a lot in the world of football. In 2021 he scored his 100th Premier League goal and finished fourth in the 2021 Ballon D’or. It’s not shocking that Liverpool misses him because who would want to lose a player like that, but everyone knows Liverpool is a strong team given their success last season, and his impact might not really be felt.

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