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Okorocha son-in-law arrested – So what?

Okorocha son-in-law arrested – So what?

Why are we fond of creating stories where there are none?
That Egwumba Uche Nwosu, son-in-law to the former governor of Imo State and Senator, Rochas Okorocha, was arrested – ehen? Is he above arrest?

That he was arrested inside the church while confessing all his evil deeds to an all-forgiving God… And so? Is he the only one who has been dragged out of church service and thrown into a waiting police pick-up truck like a bag of yams?

Abeg make una let us hear word!!!

Now the guy himself has come out to tell us that he did not spend the night is the cell. Hahahahaha! Una see wetin too much attention dey cause? He wants you all tatafos to know that he crept out of his cell like a thief at night.

He has even denied the fact that he was arrested in church – and challenged all of you – yes you that is reading this article, to produce evidence of his arrest! Shuoooo… Una-neva-cheee-anything!! Hahahaha.. Something that happened in broad day light!

Jokes apart, these useless politicians know Nigerians are as gullible and will soak in anything poured on them like rotten sponge – that is why they have the audacity to lie from all the holes in their body – even their anus.

Just negodu – Something that happened in broad day light and right before a congregation?

I believe that if we hadn’t seen pictures of him in handcuffs lying in the police truck with legs spread wide open like a prostitute that was expecting a customer, he would have also denied the handcuffs as well – Yeye dey smell.

OK! So the media aide too has come out to thank all Nigerians who stood up for him when his safety was not known.

Oga media, who are these “all Nigerians” that you speak off? – Because i did not speak up for your oga. I will never speak up for anyone who played a part in the destruction of this country. And not someone who couldn’t prevent his balls from falling out off his boxers while he was lying flat on the floor of a police truck. Mcheeew!

Let me write what the nonsense-and-ingredient media aide spoke out of his mouth. His statement reads in part; “This is to inform the general public, friends and well-wishers, supporters and sympathisers that Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, who was abducted by security agencies while observing church service at St. Peter’s Anglican Church Umunwokwe Village Eziama-Obaire Nkwerre LGA, has regained his freedom and released unconditionally. He never spent a night in their custody as every effort was put in place to get him out.”

Let me stop here first. The painful part of this statement is the mention of my village. Nkwerre people are not thieves. They should remove us from their atrocities. This family has brought disgrace and shame to our people. First off, Rochas was governor for complete 8yrs and did not bring any development to his people, and the entire Imo State is a bad taste that we may never be able to wipe out of our mouths. Another conflict here is, this aide claims that Uche Nwosu was arrested while in church service – but the man himself has debunked it in his own statement.

Shebi una see as these politicians mouths scatter full everywhere? They cant even be coherent in their statements.

Let’s go back to the statement of the aide… “I have spoken with him and he extended his greetings to all of us out there.

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“While we await a police report on the reasons for the abduction and arrest, we call on everyone to remain calm and focused because God is in charge….”

Ok… I have to stop here again. Who are these people he is talking about and urging to remain calm? – Abeg oga aide, WTF is Ugwumba Uche Nwosu and why should anyone bother about him and his arrest to remain calm? God is in charge? Of what exactly? Your oga was arrested for his criminality and you are saying, “God is in charge”. Well, i don’t blame you – I blame the over religiousness of Nigerians. And a simple correction sir, he was arrested, and not abducted.

The aide’s statement further added, “Ugwumba Uche Nwosu is a perfect gentleman who has great deal of respect for the constituted authorities and has never for once been caught up in civil disobedience. There was never an invitation and if anyone says otherwise, let the person come forth with evidence.”

Hahahahaha…..The last part is funny – A perfect gentleman indeed. You could have kukuma called him Jesus, since he was arrested in church. Lol @he has never been caught in civil disobedience. Thank you Mr. Law Abiding Citizen.

Ndi ara!

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