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Plane crashes and goes up in flames in Miami Airport runway

Plane crashes and goes up in flames in Miami Airport runway

A plane carrying 137 people made a hard landing at a Miami airport before catching fire. The aircraft’s landing gear had broken, and the pilot was compelled to take evasive action. 

According to authorities, the plane was a McDonnell Douglas MD-82. It had left the Dominican Republic on Monday from Santo Domingo. At 5.30 p.m., calamity struck as the airplane was entering Miami Airport. 

It was forced to make a crash landing with 126 passengers and 11 staff members on board. Thick smoke began to billow from the left wing before the jet finally came to rest near a grassy area at the side of the runway. 

Due to the power of the chaotic landing, a small building and a communications tower at the terminal were both struck. Screams from some passengers could be heard as they hurried to leave the still-burning airliner. The flames were put out by rushing firefighters using flame-retardant foam. 

Following the incident, three persons were hospitalized. 

The low-cost airline called Red Air was established just last year in Dominican Republic 

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According to a Miami Airport official, the collision caused flight delays. 

The mayor of Miami-Dade County, Daniella Levine Cava, arrived at the scene this morning. 

She tweeted: “A plane arriving at @iflyMIA from Santo Domingo, DR caught on fire following a landing gear malfunction. I have just arrived on the scene and am being briefed by @MiamiDadeFire. Three passengers were transported to the hospital with minor injuries.”

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