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Politics; Structure, locality and the grassroots

Politics; Structure, locality and the grassroots

Times without number the prism politics is local and has been proven to be correct, however, there is more to that prism. I call it the tripod of politics and the three both work pari passu, and you can’t separate each element from the core of politics. Infact, they are sub-cores that make the core functional. Yes politics is a game of numbers, but these three elements if gotten right will produce those numbers.

As we approach 2023, the party with these rooted and strong sub-cores will clinch the Presidential sit and that’s the truth, and this thesis isn’t limited to the presidential election alone but the general elections as a whole.

Let me refresh our memory with happenings that dashed the 2nd term ambition of Akinwunmi Ambode the former Governor of Lagos State. Here, the three sub-cores were pivotal to his untimely dismissal from the Lagos State Governor’s Office.


The former Lagos State Governor never had control or any significant control of the party’s structure in the state. We all know who calls the shots in Lagos State when it comes to the All Progressives Congress. If you don’t know, well, you must have heard of a certain Lion that sits in Bourdillon.

Political party structure is a simple term that has people as the main engine, from party loyalist, the elites, the market women, students and all sectors of the society as parts of the engine. But as simple as the term is to the ear, it’s still the most complex. Political structure is broad, expensive and it’s based on one thing- Trust.

Just like all structures, the basic rule apply here. The foundation of the structure is important, if you have a weak political structure, well, you can ask the Ogun State Central Senator and former Governor of Ogun State about plastic structure which he’s now getting right, and Mr Yellow governor is making the same mistake, even a much more terrible one compared to that made by his predecessor building on what I term the “plasta structure”.

Well if you want to understand the concept of political structure, use the Lagos State All Progressives Congress as a case study.


Beyond Political structure we have the locality. Politics is local, you can’t compare the volume of voters in Banana Island to Agege, the local suburbs are where the votes are, they are the ones who do the dirty work. Even though they may not really call the shots, but trust me who ever has the locals support will win any election.

This is where we have the ward meetings that calls the shot in politics. Although highly debatable, you can’t rule out the influence of money and influence of the so called leaders in this kind of setting, but this is where the game is the game.

Beyond the beautiful orators that will come up to deliver speeches and debates on National TV, there is one Mama, one Baba and one area father that has massive influence in his locality and can guarantee you a certain number of votes, and you can take this to the bank.

Politicians don’t joke with women leaders, the market women and artisans. They are the ones with the high stake, they are the ones who carries the messages far and wide in the grassroots.

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We all knew how Banky W was cruising to victory in the “elite zone of the island”, but when it came to the grassroot we saw how the votes from local areas cancelled all the winning streaks he had in the “elite zone”.

However, I will be bias if I don’t mention a very important lubricant that make these three sub-cores function, which is money. Money sustains all, it’s the beginning of building a structure, keeping the locals in check and having the grassroot support. It is a means to an end, but not the end itself.

Loyalty is the most important pillar for the tripod in this premise. It’s high time we begin to understand the concept of politics and understand how the game is played.

All these elements are already in play for the coming 2023 elections.

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