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Buhari congratulates Soludo

Buhari congratulates Soludo

When this news broke, i thought knowing who the president is and how his party has made it known to the nation that it intend taking over the political terrain of the entire country, I was not going to believe that this president from such a power grabbing party would actually put out a congratulatory statement for an election he and his party lost, but convincingly so. 

One would ask if he had any other option. In Nigeria and the way politics is done, I would say yes he has tons of options, in-as-much as all other options except for his now congratulatory message to the declared winner would have been illegal. 

Kudos to the Anambra electorate for sticking to their guns and made sure the presidency understands that Anambrarians are not easily intimidated whether by the sight of heavily armed soldiers or corrupt policemen. 

For the next four years, Anambra has a leader. One they chose themselves. It is left for Soludo going forward to show the people of his state that their efforts are not in vain. 

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President Buhari’s message was conveyed through Femi Adesina. The Adviser to the Presidency on Media and Publicity.

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