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Rivers CP Orders the Arrest of Vigilantes Bearing Firearms.

Rivers CP Orders the Arrest of Vigilantes Bearing Firearms.

Okong Effiong, the Commissioner of police of Rivers State, has ordered that any Vigilantes seen with firearms in any part of Rivers State should be arrested by the divisional police.

This order was given as a result of the Vigilantes in Diobu area of Rivers State who were seen showing off their various ammunitions and were clad in scary uniforms, and many residents complained that they’d never seen the Vigilantes group in such uniforms.

In a statement delivered by the police spokesperson of Rivers state, Grace Iringe Koko, the Vigilantes are not licensed to carry firearms, and any Vigilante group seen with firearms should be arrested, and also it is not in their jurisdiction to arrest a person or detain anyone.

The statement read, “They (vigilantes) are not licensed to bear arms. The CP has directed DPOs to arrest anyone seen with arms within their jurisdiction.

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“Also, they do not have powers to detain or keep anyone in custody

Well, Nigerians misuse any opportunity they get to serve, such policies have to be carried out to avoid issues where crime will be perpetrated by any group claiming to be under the aegis of any Vigilante group.

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