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Sexual compatibility: Do I really need a Pro In bed?

Sexual compatibility: Do I really need a Pro In bed?

The issue of sexual compatibility is becoming a burning issue among  singles.  Most seem to be asking, ‘so if pre-marital sex is wrong, how then would I know someone compatible with me on bed?’. And by compatibility they mean a partner of similar sexual  experiences who can satisfy their sexual passions or in brief someone who is on the same page with them sexually. 

To answer this burning questions, let’s find the truism behind this modern idea.

First of all, talking on sexual compatibility, what is the probability that you would find someone who would have rocket explosive sex with you? You would obviously have to sample different girls to get to that.  And even If you consider them a pro, do they think same way of you?  However in reality, it could happen when you both are dating but not when you two are married, because life would happen to you both and that would mean you won’t both be in the mood for sex when your other partner is ready all the time.  I mean You would go out there to work, kids would come, bills would show up, you won’t both be in the mood for sex at the same time, thereby debunking your notion of compatibility.  

God who made and conducted the first marriage between the first man and woman on earth,  made them virgins with no prior knowledge of sex, in a bid to teach us that obviously as the inventor of this concept he knows his onion. 

Sex is just like food, when you start in a bid to get compatibility by sampling different girls or guys you would automatically acquire a higher sexual taste, that even your partner can’t satisfy always.  Life would happen, you would have to give yourselves space for sometimes especially when she’s pregnant and just after delivery, or when you both are working. Now if you both have an uncontrollable high sexual taste, in these times of space, what would you do?.  You might probably be tempted and because you’re already used to having unrestricted sex you might start cheating on your partner.

Now for singles, my advice is keep yourself. Some enjoyment are better enjoyed at the right time than the wrong time.  Looking for sexual compatibility would lead you to being adventurous with sex which ofcourse would lead to compounded sexual problems later on,  and the reality is that on the search you might find a wild sexual girl who has no domestic home characteristics and no ability to make a good wife and mother to your kids, whilst if you find a good girl who can make a good wife, she wouldn’t be that good on bed to your own estimation and vice versa. But the beautiful thing is, with sexual commitment you have the whole of your lives and alot of time to learn about sex, explore your bodies and enjoy sex with your partner than giving up the essential marriage qualities on the platform of a mattress.

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