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Stylish Mum: 1

Stylish Mum: 1

No! Too expensive, too slutty, too bright,” Omawunmi said as she kept scrolling through the cloth section at

As a mom, it has been a hassle finding stylish clothes that are comfortable and practical; one that ticks all boxes: breastfeeding her child easily, wearable to the office and keeping it sexy for oga.

“Oh nice, just the dress I was looking for!” she said with excitement. “Ah-ah!” she grimaced. “25,000NGN for a dress! That is enough to cover for my baby’s expenses for the month!!” she complained. 

Feeling disappointed that she couldn’t find the dress she was looking for, she started scrolling through her Instagram feed, looking at pictures of mutuals she used to hang out with before baby bloom welcomed itself into her life. 

Omawunmi has been feeling less of herself since she got pregnant and gave birth to her beautiful baby girl. Indeed, motherhood is fulfilling, an amazing journey. But with this comes the feeling of loneliness and despair, the feeling of always wanting to do everything right and not missing out on any part of the “mother” duty: wherein you get to listen to everyone’s voice except yours, and attend to everyone’s needs except yours. 

This is how her life has become. 

Now she wonders where in this new body that young, vibrant and stylish lady eloped to.

It is no doubt that most women believe that their fashion game is over after birthing.

Most of the problems with shopping for clothes, as a mom, could be mentally demoralizing, some of which are:

  • A) Dressing a body that has changed. 
  • B) Lack of time. 
  • C) Finding stylish clothes for her new body. 
  • D) In many cases, having insufficient funds. 
  • E) Lack of sleep. 

“No be se I no wish to dey buy fine fine cloths for my body. I just dey think of my pikin dem. I go fit use that moni do beta things for dem.” – Toyin (real name with held) 

Raise your hands if you can relate to this. Most women deprive themselves of many good things, not because they can’t afford it, but because they believe it would be better to divert that money to suit their kids’ needs. 

Mothers, it is actually okay to splurge on yourself, once in a while. You deserve to get yourself nice things: new clothes, new shoes, a nice set of jewelry. 

Get extra nice things for yourself, without feeling like you are depriving your kids of something.

Here are a few easy and convenient styling tips for all mothers out there reading this:

  1. If you are a new mum, embrace the changes in your body. Indeed, your body won’t be like it was in your teen years. So take pride in it and style it accordingly.
  2. Pay special attention to your inner wears. Wear well-fitted breast wears and throw out all loose and baggy ones.
  3. If you are a working mom, give yourself a seasonal wardrobe upgrade. Buy formal office wears, suits and dresses.
  4. Timely wear accessories to sophisticate your look. Wear a pearl necklace, small studs, or your wedding ring often. You may just find that you look and feel more put together, that way. 
  5. Shop large handbags in as many colors as you want. When you have kids around, you need to take care of their stuff, so it is better to do it in style.

Read next post on outfit options for moms. 

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