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Tech careers that involves No/Low codes.

Tech careers that involves No/Low codes.

One of the most innovative and growing industries right now is the tech industry and it just seems like everyone is going through this path. This is a good thing for the world as many problems now require good technological solutions. If you are seeking to be part of the tech world and the fear of coding has deterred you from taking tech as a new career, it is time to put that fear aside because you could commit to some careers in tech with little or no knowledge in coding.

 There are a lot of Low code or No code careers in the tech world that you could become a professional in and contribute your valuable skills or creativity to. 

Here are five trendy and well-paying low/no codes careers in tech that you could do. 

1) Project manager

2) User interface designer

 3) User experience designer 

4) Data analyst 

5) Technical writer. 

Project Manager:

If you are good at managing and coordinating things then this is probably the career for you.

A project manager is a professional who sees the day-to-day management of a project. He is responsible for planning what needs to be done and what does not need to be done. He is also responsible for managing a team that would see to the execution of the company’s projects.Having good leadership skills is one of the important skills a project manager should have. If you are good at working in a team, carrying everyone in the team along, and being a good leader,  then you should go for it. 

User interface designer:

If you like seeing a website or product look good and you have a thing for designs then you should try this career.

A user interface designer is tasked with the responsibility of making websites, apps, video games, or any tech product look good. He is responsible for the visual aspect of a product. He thinks of what the layout, style, colors, typography, and all visual interface designs of the product would be. 

User experience designer:

Interested in how using a product makes one feel then you might just be the next big thing in UX design.

 A user experience designer is not all that concerned about how a product looks but most importantly how the users experience that product. A user experience designer is interested in making the users’ experience a good one so that they could keep using the product. The UX designer tries to understand the challenges a user face in using a product and tries to create a solution that gives the users a great experience. 

Data Analyst:

If you like applying logical solutions to every problem then you should try this out.

A data analyst is someone who gathers data, studies it, and understands the data of a company to make informed decisions. Every organization depends on important data to help them grow, it is the duty of the data analyst to turn this raw data into insightful information which would be used to make critical decisions. A data analyst is a critical thinker that uses systematic and logical approaches to problem-solving. 

Technical writer:

If you are good at expressing yourself in writing then this is the tech career for you.

A technical writer uses that writing skill to make technical information easy to digest. A technical writer creates technical documentation that users can understand. Technical writers write about how to use technology, build physical products, and implement complex processes.

There are other low/no codes jobs in tech that you could explore. You can do more findings on the career that catches your fancy and is in line with your personality, interests and strengths. Choose a career that you can shine in and be the best you can be.

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