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Why are more married men dropping their rings?

Why are more married men dropping their rings?

People wear rings for many reasons, either as a piece of jewelry or a symbol of commitment to a cause or person. But there is one that you can’t put on unless you attain that status of being legally married. It is usually fixed on the fourth finger and naturally wades off any other person who might harbor intentions of wooing you over.

However, it has been noted over the years that married women wear their rings much longer than their husbands, infact, they can change them multiple times during the course of the union but will never put them off.

Meanwhile, the men part with theirs easily as if it does not mean much to them or they don’t value its importance on their fingers.

Even though they claim it’s not to appear single which makes them an acceptable candidate for a single lady but that claim needs all the support in the world if it is to pass the truth bar anywhere in the world.

A large chunk of married men in Nigeria are seen not to wear their rings again. Some of the responses are either laughable or just outright dumb.

In a recent survey conducted in Abuja, some of the respondents claim that ever since they got married and started adding weight, the ring became too tight for their fingers hence the need to remove it before it gets permanently stuck on the fingers. Others claim that it is simply not proof of their love for their wives, as it does not hold them bound but rather their conscience which guides them on what to do or what not to do.

Some respondents also claim wearing jewelry is not a part of their fashion style so it makes them feel a bit uncomfortable; others claim they sold it off due to the shrinking economy in other to meet up with bills, etc.

When women were asked if they would prefer if their men wear their rings, some were emphatic, insisting that it is a sign of commitment to her while others were quick to defend their husbands by saying they trust him so whether he wears the ring or not it does not change how she feels about him.

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According to one of the female respondents, young ladies even prefer to be around married men because they feel they are responsible enough to take care of them so if they do not see a ring they believe he is just trying to be smart.

No matter the side you belong, wearing rings for married men should be encouraged so as not to create confusion or mislead an innocent lady into thinking you are single or a bachelor. Just in case you have grown bigger and the previous one cannot fit, kindly get a size that fits so that the misconceptions and war between the two divides can finally come to an end.

Put a ring on it, sir!

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