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Arsenal Deserves to Be Top of the Premier League Table-Pep Guardiola.

Arsenal Deserves to Be Top of the Premier League Table-Pep Guardiola.

Pep Guardiola has said that Arsenal truly deserves to be top of the EPL table as they
have been fantastic this season.

Manchester City has lost two of their last matches, as they lost one to Southampton in the Carabao Cup, and lost 2-1 to Manchester United in the EPL, behind Arsenal with eight points difference.

According to Pep, the pressure on them now is to see that they win their next game,
and Arsenal Deserves the top spot at the EPL because they have been the better team, however, there are still many games to go, so they’ll definitely come back.

Pressure is the next game,” the Spaniard said in his press conference. “We are not able to think about big expectations apart from winning the next game.

“If [Arsenal] are eight points in front it’s because they deserve to be there. They have
been better than us so far but there are still many games to play – it’s how we come

Always when we are behind I say don’t think about it. We caught up with Liverpool last year.

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When asked if he’s sad about Arsenal being at the top, he revealed that they have been in owner positions and they still manage to find their way back to the top.

“Just think about the next game and after we see what happens. We have been in this position many times in the past. It’s not the first time we are there.”

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