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15 personnel are fired and 9 are demoted by the NSCDC

15 personnel are fired and 9 are demoted by the NSCDC

31 officers and members of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, or NSCDC, have received sanctions for a variety of infractions.

The NSCDC Commandant General, CG, Dr. Ahmed Audi, announced the disciplinary action on Monday in Abuja in a statement that was also signed by the corps’ spokesperson, Olusola Odumosu.

According to Audi, 15 of the cops were fired, seven were suspended, nine were given mandatory retirement, one was detained, and another was demoted.

He said that the Civil Defence, Corrections, Fire and Immigration Board had approved the punitive action.

According to Mr. Audi, the officers were punished for offenses such as economic sabotage, conspiracy, extortion, forgery, absence without leave, and job racketeering, among others.

One Assistant Superintendent of Corps I, two Chief Corps Assistants, three Assistant Inspectors of Corps, CAIII, two CAII, one CAII, one Inspector of Corps, and one AIC were among those let go.

The CG added that the disciplinary action was a component of efforts to root out bad actors from the service and maintain discipline.

He continued by saying that it was consistent with his determination to reformat and purge the corps of all harmful vices. The conduct of the incompetent employees made it necessary to establish disciplinary panels as an internal disciplinary system.

They conducted investigations and orderly room trials for a variety of offenses and spelled out recommendations of various sanctions to the board for approval. 

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The CG reaffirmed his resolve to prevent bad actors from casting a negative light on the corps while he is in charge.

He claimed that because the corps will not tolerate unethical behavior, the punishment would serve as a deterrent to others.

Mr. Audi urged all staff members to maintain the corps’ SOP, code of ethics, discipline, and observance of public service rules.

However, he made a promise to recognize officers and men who perform very well in their many roles to encourage good behavior and a commitment to duty.

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