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Bulgaria Deploys Team to Investigate Drone Incident in Black Sea Resort

Bulgaria Deploys Team to Investigate Drone Incident in Black Sea Resort

Bulgaria’s defense ministry announced on Monday that it has dispatched a specialized unit to assess and safely deactivate an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) carrying explosives. This drone unexpectedly landed in the picturesque Black Sea town of Tyulenovo on Sunday evening.

Following a thorough examination, the team representing NATO-member Bulgaria will determine the appropriate disposal method for the drone. The ministry clarified that this mission was undertaken at the request of the regional government.

Defence Minister Todor Tagarev stated during a press briefing, “We can reasonably infer that this drone is linked to the ongoing conflict initiated by Russia in Ukraine. This war unavoidably presents escalating security risks for our nation.”

However, Tagarev did not divulge specific details regarding the origin or the route taken by the drone to reach Bulgarian shores.

Tyulenovo, a popular tourist destination, is located 70 kilometers (43 miles) south of the Romanian border, across the Black Sea from Crimea—a Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014, now frequently targeted by Ukrainian drone attacks.

In response to the incident, local law enforcement cordoned off the affected area on Sunday evening and imposed restrictions on public access to nearby restaurant terraces. Mayor Marian Zhechev, who oversees the Shabla municipality that encompasses Tyulenovo, reported that the drone was discovered near moored boats on rocky terrain. He described it as an “aircraft equipped with standard ammunition.”

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The circumstances surrounding the drone’s arrival in Tyulenovo remain unclear, leaving questions about whether it fell from the sky or was carried ashore by ocean currents.

According to, witnesses recounted that the drone measured between 3 and 3.5 meters in length and appeared to have a container affixed to it containing explosives.

Just last week, fragments of a suspected drone were discovered in Romania following another Russian attack on Ukraine’s Danube ports, situated along the border.

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