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Controversy! – Ghana National Cathedral

Controversy! – Ghana National Cathedral

The construction of a National Cathedral has been causing controversy in Ghana. This came after reports disclosed that work had been temporarily halted on the project despite the large sum alleged to be pumped into the construction. The sum has been said to be about Ghc200 million. The new project is just on its foundation level.

Newest developments have alleged that the paid project contractors RIBADE Company LTD, had fired more than 200 of their workers over a lack of funds. But the most backlash was the citizens’ reactions to the construction, with some criticizing the government over building a national cathedral when there were more pressing matters to look into.

The construction plan was that the cathedral would take up a 14.5-acre land inside the heart of the nation’s capital, Accra, according to the government. Also, the plan was that the cathedral would house a series of impressive chapels and a baptistery.  It would also have a 5000-seat two-level auditorium, grand central hall, music school, an auditorium for choir practice, an art museum, shop, and multi-purpose space.

The project began in 2018 with the removal of the nine Court of Appeals judges together with other judicial staff from their bungalow houses to make the land available for construction of the National Cathedral.

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The Government of Ghana and its supporters have said that they believe that the construction of the National Cathedral would yield tourism revenue benefits. This was because the construction would have key installations similar to the first Africa Bible Museum edifice. The Global Peace Index in 2021 had positioned Ghana as the second most peaceful country in Africa after Mauritius. There is hope that Ghana would be the perfect go-to destination for tourists with this label.

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