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Does She Love Me Or Not?

Does She Love Me Or Not?

Men oftentimes would leave ladies that love them genuinely and start chasing those that don’t love them.  A girl that doesn’t love you can be very frustrating and dry, as most would even tend to accommodate only to  Start taking advantage of you little by little. So for those guys who are very slow in catching a glimpse of girls that don’t like them, this article would be expedient. When you see the following flags in your relationship with a girl then you can know if she loves you or don’t. 

1. Commitment:

 If a girl loves you, one of the first things you’ll notice would be commitment.  She would be committed to you because ladies can easily commit when they’re in love as they like receiving love from only one source. After all, it spells security. The reality is if a lady is in love and she’s satisfied she gives her 100% commitment and logs out other guys trying to get her attention.  One of the frustrating things to do that would amount to a waste of time, is talking to a lady who is in love. Every word you utter would be met with “I have a boyfriend “. However, when a lady seems to be dating and she doesn’t feel love or her need for love is not satisfied she becomes open to other guys and even indulges them. 

2. She helps you save:

 contrary to popular belief when a lady loves you, she doesn’t lavish your money but she helps you save it.  Guys Listen! If you have an alleged girlfriend who is always about spending and lavishing your money, she doesn’t love you.  Girls, who don’t love guys, see them as financial cows with breasts that they can keep milking. If she does, she would show you empathy and even feel sorry for you. Any lady that does not fit this description, doesn’t love you. 

3. Constant communication:

 when a lady loves you she would just want to be talking to you regularly; not because there’s anything important to say all the time but because she just won’t hear your voice.  She would converse with you and go into details about herself, and her activities for the day even when you didn’t ask her to.  However, when she just rounds up conversations to “kk, Yea, and lol” as with chatting on social media platforms, then it’s an obvious red flag. She might claim that she doesn’t like chatting when asked, but a lady who doesn’t like typing would always send voice notes.

4. She’s incredible at forgiving

If she loves you, she would easily forgive you. Though a guy might misbehave and act erratic, when a lady loves you, she would find it easy to forgive you. Contrarily,  the fact that most guys know this has not made them more sensitive to the love needs of ladies but they constantly take it for granted till the lady becomes bitter to the extent of detesting men.

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5. Denial:

 Although this is a negative quality, we do see it as an offshoot of love from most ladies.  I mean, a lady can catch his guy in bed redhanded making love to another lady and yet deny the act later or even try to water it down after hearing the plea from his boyfriend. Everyone might be saying that the guy doesn’t love her yet she can’t seem to see it and even might come up with excuses trying to justify the reason the guy cheated or abused her emotionally and physically. I have heard these oftentimes from ladies who are madly in love “He didn’t mean to cheat,  it wasn’t his fault,  the girl was throwing himself at him, he doesn’t love her, it’s me he loves “or on physical abuse ” it wasn’t intentional,  he didn’t mean to slap or beat me, I provoked him,  he has apologized “. All these show denials and most ladies do it when they’re in love.

6. Selfless sacrifice:

 Sacrifice of course is a true sign of love for both men and women.  If she loves you, she would make sacrifices for you. She would sacrifice her time, energy, and dreams to see that you become what you want to be in life. Women are born nurturers and very great at sacrificing; she would gladly abandon her dreams and place your dreams before hers making all efforts to see that you achieve yours by all means.  This is what makes women forgo everything else to stay at home tending to a man’s kids and his home while the man works and has all the fun out there. She would make these sacrifices for you naturally, to show that she loves you.

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