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Liverpool wins the FA cup

Liverpool wins the FA cup

The 150th edition of the FA Cup, the world’s oldest football competition ended with Liverpool lifting the cup for the first time in 16 years. 

It was indeed an interesting match to watch. The game started with Liverpool putting in pressure in the first half but none of their shots converted into goals.  In the second half of the game, Liverpool striker Mo Salah was a substitute due to an injury, it was not also long after his substitution that Virgil Van dik was also a substitute, leaving Liverpool in a vulnerable state.

Many chances to score were missed by both teams. The 120 minutes of the game with extra time ended on a goalless draw and this led to penalties. 

Liverpool won on penalties with a 6 – 5 scoreline. 

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This is the first time Liverpool coach, Jurgen Kloop is winning the FA cup. This is also the third FA cup final in a row that Chelsea has lost.

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