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NAFDAC issues warnings about harmful herbal aphrodisiacs and alcoholic bitters

NAFDAC issues warnings about harmful herbal aphrodisiacs and alcoholic bitters

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control has taken action against producers of alcoholic bitters, herbal aphrodisiacs, and Kurkura, a popular herbal intoxicant, across the nation. This comes after reports that Kurkura is widely used throughout the nation, particularly in the South-West and northern regions.

At a news conference held in Abuja on Friday, Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye, Director-General of NAFDAC, announced this information and stated that studies showed a risky trend in the usage of such substances laced with high concentrations of tobacco and cannabis. Five Minutes Power Herbs Medicine, Haonu Laha Herbal Mixture, Gamzaki Tradomedical Herbal Mixture, Barakallahu Multipurpose Herbal Mixture, and Sabon Karfi Herbal Mixture are among the Kurkura herbal concoctions she claims were found in circulation.

Although Haonu Laha Herbal Mixture was registered with the agency, according to the woman, it contained forbidden ingredients that were harmful to the body. Kurkura is an unlawful substance that is only ingested to get drunk, according to Adeyeye. Abuse of the chemical has the potential to damage organs like the liver, kidney, and brain. It is impossible to overstate the harm done to the liver and kidneys. This chemical can lead to irrational thinking and a state of altered consciousness, which, if used by a driver, might result in a car accident with fatal results or criminal behavior including rape, kidnapping, and murder. NAFDAC has found that aphrodisiac, another herbal concoction of concern, is mixed with cannabis.

The following dangerous herbal aphrodisiacs were seized during a recent operation at Islamic herbal medicine stores in Zaria, Kaduna State: Gagare Man Power, Minister for Man Power, Almenjou for Lazy Men in Bed, Nisan Zango Karfin Maza, Shagalin Ka Man Power, Dakan Jia Man Power Enhancement, Wuff Male Sexual Performance, Afafata for Sexual Drive, etc.

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One of the illicit factories producing these products has so far been shut down, and the proprietor has been taken into custody. Notable is the discovery of the use of Cannon Extra (Paracetamol 500mg+Caffeine 30mg), Amafranil pills (Clomipramine tablet 25mg), and Hyergra 200 (Sildenafil Citrate tablet) in the production room. The proprietor acknowledged that in order to create the Man Power preparation, he dissolves the Hyergra 200, Cannon Extra, and Amafranil in a drum and blends the resulting substance with cooked Kanafari, garlic, Dundu, Marke, Hankufa, sugar, and sodium benzoate. However, the preparation’s label states that it is entirely herbal.

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