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Nigerian feminists and the Oyedepos staunch defense of patriarchy

Nigerian feminists and the Oyedepos staunch defense of patriarchy

In recent times, there’s been notable social re-engineering in the area of spousal responsibility. In the area of spousal responsibility in marriage, a development born out of widespread inculcation of feminist doctrines by some women, an army of fierce feminists is leading the charge for change in agelong social construct in Nigeria that vested the leadership role and management of family affairs in the man while the woman plays second fiddle in the grand scheme of things. A woman is also expected to be submissive to her husband.

The feminists say their push for a paradigm shift in what the roles of women should be in a her matrimonial home, and by extension the society, is informed by the drastic changes and demands of contemporary world and the desire to give everyone, irrespective of gender, a level playing to prove their mettle and aspire to greatness without being held back ingrained culture and traditions that extol patriarchy.

Conversely, the feminists goal and efforts at effecting far-reaching changes in our sociocultural dynamics have received a pushback and vehement opposition by those who feel the feminists are bunch of disgruntled elements who were spurned by men and are looking for ways to take their pound of flesh. Others feel the apostles of feminism are nothing more than agents of chaos who seek to sow seed of confusion in the minds of other women who will not ordinarily concern themselves with their ideological trope.

Symbol of the Feminist Coalition

In the forefront of those seeking to halt the advances of these charging feminists are the Oyedepos. Bishop David Oyedepo, Senior Pastor of Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners’ Chapel, and his wife, Faith, have not hidden their disdain and resentment towards feminism, especially the type being mouthed by Nigerian feminists. The brand which detests patriarchy and anything remotely close to it.

In his recent sermon to his congregation, Oyedepo had stated that as a woman “you may never have a good home” if you join a feminist club.

Oyedepo is unpopular among feminists for his sermons in which he categorically espouses the the principles of patriarchy and casts aspersion on the concept of feminism.

According to the clergyman, when the Bible says “submit yourself to your husband in everything”, women respond saying, “No, not today, that was before. Right now, nobody can do that. We are co-heirs, male and female, no difference.”

Oyedepo added such women think they are too smart for God to lead them.

He said when they (woman) are told that “this is the way to go,” they respond saying, “No, let me educate you, God. You didn’t go to school, did you?” The clergyman added, “Right now, there is a feminine revolution. Then you get into feminine frustration and destiny devastation.”

However, members of the Nigeria Feminist Forum did not mince words in expressing their displeasure at the Bishop’s attack on feminism.

In a rebuttal, the group wondered if feminism was responsible for the “unproductivity” of the pastors he recently sacked from his church.

According to the group, “We need to ask the eminent cleric, did feminists and the coalition cause the unproductivity of his pastors, or the insecurity and high inflation that has enveloped the nation?”

However, the Bishop’s position was corroborated by his wife, Faith Oyedepo who stated that women should be submissive to their husbands in everything.

Faith Oyedepo

She slammed women seeking equality with men in the home saying that they are inspired by demons. She said it was imperative for married women to be subject to their husbands in everything.

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She wrote, “Any woman or women’s organization that attempts to question the position of the man in the family should be regarded as being under a demonic influence.

“God expects that just as the Church is subject to Christ in everything, even so, women should be in subjection to their husbands in everything.”

As the war between feminists and their traducers rages on, it’s noteworthy for everyone to ponder on what they really want. The Feminists need to be more thoughtful and sober in how they go about their advocacy, as it appears that their ideological learning is a complete negation of what feminism stands for which is freedom of choice. For a woman to be anything she wants to be without internal or external influence, for it’s in the freedom of woman to do as she pleases that the ideals of feminism are rooted.

Which makes one wonder why feminists get riled up when/if a woman chooses to be submissive to her husband. Isn’t that her choice, to be submissive to her better half? Or do we now have esoteric interpretations or meaning of what feminism is? One whose application or implementation is determined by a set of self-appointed judges.

In as much as there’s need to create a level playing ground for all sexes to compete favourably — an advocacy which the concept of feminism is hinged on. Conversely, the very idea that equality can be achieved between men and woman in every sphere of life is just an unrealistic goal being pushed by misguided folks who seek to create an utopian enclave of some sort.

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