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Odogwu Bitters: Lessons Entrepreneurs Should Learn From Obi Cubana

Odogwu Bitters: Lessons Entrepreneurs Should Learn From Obi Cubana

Some time last month, Obi Cubana, the business tycoon and billionaire who gained much popularity after his mother’s burial in Oba, Anambra state, launched his bitters known as Odogwu Bitters. This herbal drink had gained much popularity and is still waxing stronger. Undoubtedly, within a very short period, Odogwu bitters have gotten more recognition compared to other drinks of its kind.

In this article, I’ll be discussing the vital lessons that entrepreneurs should learn from Obi Cubana in relation with Odogwu bitters.


Even with the number of businesses that are said to be owned or controlled by Obi Cubana, he keeps looking for ways to include other businesses. Note that, he isn’t just including any type of business or products, instead he’s focusing on something that he knows for sure that people are interested in. Alcoholic beverages have always been something a large number of people are interested in for different reasons. He must have carefully studied the market and knows what will he should sell.

You don’t necessarily have to produce or sell bitters, but you should be able to study your location and know what sells.


This is one thing I love about Obi Cubana. He is the major advertiser of the product. He’s always wearing his cap with the “Odogwu bitters” inscription, as well as the shirt. Virtually everything on his social media handles speaks about Odogwu bitters. In some of his videos, he advertises his products himself verbally. If you do not carry your business on your head, you do not expect others to do that for you. As long as your hustle and product is legal, make ad much needed noise as you need to advertise.

Even though there are speculation that he’s not the real owner of the Odogwu bitters, you will admit that he’s doing a very good job with marketing it.


There’s no doubt that Obi Cubana is a very connected individual. He has money, and he has friends that also have money. But did he rely on his money or connection alone? Nah… He Advertise and is still advertising. He even doesn’t sponsored add, and has as well selected people who will help him spread the gospel of Odogwu bitters far and wide. Cubana chose Portable, broda shaggi, Alex Ekubo, Zubby Micheal and Mr Jollof to be ambassadors.

First as an Igbo man, he didn’t just focus on Igbo artists or influences, he has a mix of yoruba as well. Especially in a culturally biased country like Nigeria, that alone has won the hearts of both the Igbos and Yoruba. People wondered why he chose Portable even with all the controversies he has been involved in recently. Well, controversy sells and you would not deny the Portable is still the rave of the moment, and he has been a very good ambassador so far.
If a whole Obi Cubana still needs people to promote his business and still does sponsored ads, then how much more you? Some people have learnt to make videos about their business with trending songs and pay trending actors, actresses, artistes and influences, while some have performed with trending people. Let me give you an example.

A very close friend of mine is a makeup artist. She contacted an actress who she wished to work with and she was told to pay quite a huge amount of money. That thing worried her for days. She later contacted a lady who makes lovely hairstyle, another lady who sells really nice wears, and a photographer. They all came together and a beautiful result was birthed.

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Amongst every other thing that Odogwu bitters is known for, the truth is that so many of its qualities stand out and makes it the most sought after bitters at the moment. Apart form the fact that it contains some natural herbs, it is also known to increase the libido, regulate blood sugar level and also promote weight loss. These things are quite emotional to certain people. Some persons will pay anything for a product that is guaranteed to enhance their sexual activity. Some are interested in the weight loss aspect.

So instead of just advertising your products randomly, look for aspects of your product that would move people to be interested in buying it. What makes your product different form others?

Obi Cubana is no doubt a true businessman.

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