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Roman Abramovich Debunks Rumors Of $1.5bn Loan Refund.

Roman Abramovich Debunks Rumors Of $1.5bn Loan Refund.

Reports have been going around that the former owner of Chelsea football club, Mr. Roman Abramovich was requesting his 1.5bn Euro loan to the club. These claims have however been debunked by an official statement from Roman Abramovich.

The statement was put out to clarify some points that have been made by the media on Mr. Abramovich’s relations to the sale of Chelsea football club. He denied the reports that he wants the loans repaid.

“Mr. Abramovich has not asked for any loan to be repaid to him – such suggestions are entirely false.” 

Mr. Abramovich commented on his stand on the sale of the club which has not changed. He plans to gift all the proceeds from the sale of Chelsea to charity. Mr. Abramovich further confirms his commitment to finding a good custodian for Chelsea football club and making sure the proceeds go to good causes.

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