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Sudan War: Fire Engulfs Buildings in Khartoum

Sudan War: Fire Engulfs Buildings in Khartoum

Buildings have been engulfed by fire in Sudan’s capital city after violent fighting between the army and rival forces recommenced.

Videos posted online on Sunday, September 17 had revealed the iconic Greater Nile Petroleum Oil Company Tower, enveloped in flames.

Air strikes and ground battles have been ongoing in Khartoum and other towns and cities since conflict broke out in April.

According to the UN, more than one million people have fled the country, the UN

The 18-storey oil firm skyscraper is one of the most well-known landmarks in Khartoum and it is located close to the River Nile.

It is yet unclear what made the building’s cone-like structure, made of a glass facade, to catch fire.

There is yet no reports of injuries or deaths as at the time of making this report.

Several government buildings were also reported to have been engulfed as a result of the attack. 

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Residents in a southern district of the city where the army was targeting RSF hideouts had informed AFP they heard loud booms as they woke up.

The RSF has been battling to take control of the capital, and the military’s air strikes have been targeted at feeble RSF positions.

The conflict has seen about 7,500 people dead, with over five million people displaced.

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