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US music icon David Crosby passes away at age 81.

US music icon David Crosby passes away at age 81.

David Crosby, a veteran folk-rock musician from the US, passed away at the age of 81, his representative confirmed.

He was instrumental in forming The Byrds and Crosby, Stills, and Nash, two significant bands of the 1960s. His guitar skills and vocal harmonies were well-known.

Throughout his career, he accomplished the exceptional feat of being twice inducted into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Graham Nash, a former bandmate, expressed his “deep sadness,” despite their often “volatile” relationship.

According to Crosby’s wife, he passed away surrounded by family “after a protracted illness.”

Floyd Crosby, an Oscar-winning Hollywood cinematographer, was the father of Crosby, who was born on August 14, 1941, in California.

In 1964, he became a member of The Byrds, a folk-rock band that achieved its first success by covering Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan.

Three years later, after a turbulent stint that included a brief relationship with singer Joni Mitchell, he was fired from the band.

Soon after, Crosby, Stills, and Nash created a supergroup and played at the renowned Woodstock festival in 1969.

Later, Canadian singer-songwriter Neil Young joined them. This band, too, was plagued by internal strife and disbanded after a short period, though it has since occasionally reassembled for performances.

The hippy anthems Almost Cut My Hair and Deja Vu was among Crosby’s hits while he was a member of the band.

Along with his musicianship, he became well-known for his countercultural politics and distinctive mustache. His final album, For Free, was released in 2021, marking the conclusion of a six-decade career.

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He collaborated on the song with James Raymond, one of his children who had been given up for adoption not long after birth and had only met his father three decades earlier.

Off-stage, Crosby had numerous encounters with American law police, including a 1982 arrest for drug and weapon-related offenses.

He became more dependent on drugs after his sweetheart died in a vehicle accident while he was a young guy.

After experiencing periods of ill health, a liver transplant was performed in 1994. Twenty years later, Rolling Stone magazine referred to Crosby as “rock’s unlikeliest survivor” due to his reputation for leading a hedonistic lifestyle.

In 2019, Crosby told the Los Angeles Times that he was “ashamed” of some of his past behaviors. Crosby later expressed regret over his addictions and fights with co-stars.

His particular cause of death was not revealed right away.

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