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Uzodinma Is Behind Nwosu’s Arrest – Rochas Okorocha

Uzodinma Is Behind Nwosu’s Arrest – Rochas Okorocha

We reported here on Federal Character how Uche Nwosu was gathered together like a bundle of okrika and tossed with a thud into a waiting police van. We also stated for a fact how he refused to move with the policemen and instead chose to sit on his yansh like someone who was about to paddle his canoe – and how the policemen sensing what he was doing, began shooting close to his legs which made him spring up to his feet like Lazarus did rising from death, and began dancing towards the parked police van like a paid masquerade.

Now his father-in-law, the former Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, is out spitting fire like a baby dragon, accusing the current occupier of his former seat, as being the mastermind of his son-in-law’s arrest.    

Rochas Okorocha

First of all, according to Uche Nwosu himself, the men that came to arrest him were from the underworld. 

Lol… Abeg which country be underworld biko? 

He further stated that it was social media that saved him.  

Shebi una dey see dem? This very same social media that they have been banning since forever. Ok ooo!

Today, his father-in-law has added his mouth to the bruhaha… Ngwanu this feeem is about to become very interesting – My popcorn is already inside the microwave.

Rochas said: “It appears to me as though the misery behind unknown gunmen has been unraveled by recent happenings.

“They get instruction from the government led by Hope Uzodinma and his CSO, Shaba, to go and arrest people, lock them up at will and sometimes the whereabouts of these people are unknown.

“Something is now unraveled. That is the good news about this. The arrest of my son-in-law, Uche Nwosu is an indicator to this.”

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But who come be this Shaba wey Rochas mention so? – Abi Shabba Ranks don begin work for Imo state Government? As him neva sing any song for long now! 

Uche Nwosu says the police van took him all the way from the church in Imo State to Enugu Airport, where he was for the 2nd time tossed into a private jet which took him to Abuja. 

This mata come be like say na Nollywood movie directed by Lancelot Imasuen. The only thing wey miss be say, dem no blindfold am. 

Ndi ara. 

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