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Help! They want to Kill Sunday Igboho – Spokesperson

Help! They want to Kill Sunday Igboho – Spokesperson

One Mr. Olayomi Koiki who is said to be the spokesperson of embattled Yoruba Nation agitator, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho is going everywhere screaming like a banshee for the life of his boss. 

Sunday Igboho and Mr. Olayomi Koiki before Igboho’s arrest

He wants me and you and the fish sellers at Oshodi market to be aware of plans currently in motion to kill his boss. 

But as usual with this kind mata, he is not saying who these people are that are planning to kill his boss. 

So, how does he want us to help him? – What does he want people to do since he himself is scared of disclosing the identities of these people?

You’d think that in a matter of life and death, he would he would be quick to roll-call the names of the people behind the plot.

But oga, if you sef dey fear to ordinarily call these people by their names, who you want make e come carry your boss mata for head?  

Give us names. That’s the only way credence can be attached to what you are saying. Or else sir, you people should handle your mess yourselves and leave Nigerians who are also battling for their lives in this present state of the country out of it.  

This is what Sunday Igboho spokesperson want all of us to know; “So many people have heard rumors in the past 24 to 48 hours. We know that God almighty is watching. If they are trying, they cannot be successful. If they are planning evil against prof. Banji Akintoye and others, they are only trying, but God’s power is superior.”

“The enemies are trying to eliminate Igboho. Their plan is to eliminate him so that the Yoruba Nation agenda will be silenced. But God has shown that He is above them.

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“If you think the legal route is what will set Igboho free, then we are wasting our time. Benin Republic judicial system is not working. Look at the way his case has been prolonged. I’ve spoken with our lawyer in Benin, and he told me that only the president can set Igboho free. 

“Now diplomacy cannot work. We have to fight for our rights. See the way they killed M.K.O Abiola, Funsho Williams. They were killed unjustly. We’ve issued so many ultimatums for Igboho’s release, but nothing has happened.”

Hmmmmmm… Drama no dey finish for naija! This Igboho mata be like pregnant woman wey get whitlow for all her ten fingers and toes.  

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