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2022 World Cup: Why I chose to Represent Spain instead of France

2022 World Cup: Why I chose to Represent Spain instead of France

It’s not new to see Players from other countries represent another country at the world cup. Aymeric Laporte, Manchester City defender has revealed the reason why he chose to represent Spain rather than France at the ongoing 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Laporte who pledges his Allegiance to the Spanish national team last year, played for the France youth team.

According to him, he is proud of the fact that he is now being recognized as Spanish, he actually made the decision to play for Spain because he felt more comfortable. He is being given the necessary respect and affection he deserves in Spain

Now at the World Cup, he says: “It was even reversed [ opinion]; instead of telling me that I am French, now I am even more appreciated, I am told the opposite.

“At the time, I made the decision to play for the Spanish national team. I was convinced, both by the coach and by the philosophy of the country, with which I feel in tune.

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“I feel much more identified with the Spanish, and the Spanish give me back the affection that I felt for them at the time, and that I still feel today.”

Bukayo Saka ditched the Nigerian National team for the England national team, Kylian Mbappe plays for France rather than Cameroon, there are several other players, who do not play for their original countries.

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