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Anger as People Incinerate Woman to Death Inside Park

Anger as People Incinerate Woman to Death Inside Park

The lady that was drenched with alcohol before setting her on fire at a park in central Mexico has died from her wounds. Luz Raquel Padilla, who was aged 35 had severe burns covering 90% of her body at the attack which occurred in Zapopan on Saturday.

Her death sparked anger and outrage in Mexico because of the levels of brutality and because she had reported to the police threats to her life, months before the attack.

The case is being investigated as possible femicide because of the lady’s gender. The number of femicides happening in Mexico has risen in recent times as it reached 1,004 cases in 2021. Prosecutor Luis Joaquín Méndez had said that witnesses reported that three men and one woman had attacked the deceased before they fled the crime scene.

Ms. Padilla, who had an 11-year-old son with autism, had been in a group of relatives with disabilities called “Yo cuido México” (I care for Mexico).

The group had confessed that Ms. Padilla had gotten several threats from her neighbor who disliked the noises her child always made.

In May, she posted pictures on Twitter where her building staircases were graffitied with the words: “I will burn you alive”.

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Mr. Méndez from the prosecutor’s office confirmed that Ms. Padilla had reported her neighbor saying that he would attack her.

However, Mr. Méndez disclosed that the witnesses did not pick the neighbor among the four people who attacked Ms. Padilla.

Local news gathered that the deceased had also faced domestic violence from her previous partner. Investigators are following all leads according to Mendez.

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