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Association of Online Publishers Protest And Demand The Release Of One of Their Colleagues.

Association of Online Publishers Protest And Demand The Release Of One of Their Colleagues.

One of the components of the rule of law is that everyone has the right to a fair trial. We are not in the military age where the rule of law is of no use, but we are practicing democracy at the moment. Nobody is above the law. The Association of Online Publishers has taken to the streets to shout about the wrongs being done to their colleague and is demanding the release of the illegally imprisoned editor of 217 Reports Ikenna Ezenekwe.

According to them, on Tuesday, July 5, 2021, Ezenekwe was arrested and detained by the Nigerian police for publishing an article on his website that was not in favor of one of Nigeria’s important figures. And contrary to our constitution, he has not been brought to justice but is still being held and tortured by the Nigerian police.

Austin Ogannat, the President of OPAN, and Daniel Eloma, the Secretary-General, announced that he has been detained and not brought to justice since Ezenekwe’s arrest by the IGP team. This is unlawful and a violation of his fundamental rights.”

A statement issued by OPAN said: “Although the police never formally invited him, he was immediately arrested and taken to the National Police Headquarters in Asokoro, where he was interrogated in absentia

His arrest was ordered by the former chief of staff to Anambra State Governor Primus Odili, who wrote a petition to the Inspector General of Police ordering Ezenekwe’s arrest over an article published about him

“OPAN has been instrumental in finding that Chief Odili hired the IGP surveillance team to reveal the source of the article, which Ezeneke has denied citing confidentiality and privilege between journalists and news sources.

“We find it disturbing and unacceptable that the police would allow a citizen to use this to intimidate a journalist.”

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“The police continued to intimidate Ezenekwe and forced him to know the source of his story. That’s wrong. Are the police above the laws of the country?

“OPAN hereby requests the police to release Ezenekwe immediately and apologize to him for his unlawful detention.”

 This is not a true representation of democracy, if you have a complaint against an organization why not sue them rather than cut corners.

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