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Did Asap Rocky propose to Rihanna in his new music video?

Did Asap Rocky propose to Rihanna in his new music video?

Asap Rocky dropped the song video for his new track “D.M.B”. The music title stands for, “DAT$ MAH B!*$H.” The music video starred Rihanna Fenty, a famous Barbadian singer, and her lover, ASAP Rocky. This song video has sparked marriage rumors and there has been speculation that he has engaged her. 

Rihanna, who is currently anticipating their new baby, is the lead persona of this music video. In the video, ASAP Rocky flashes his gold tooth grill with the inscription “Marry me” and Rihanna flashes hers too with the inscription “I do” 

Rihanna is donning a red wedding ceremony gown with a matching veil and a bouquet of red flowers. It is stated that the song is a declaration of ASAP Rocky’s love for Rihanna as it is considered in his lyrics. 

“My angel and my goddess, when my head gets clouded/My head gets cloudy, my thoughts get cloudy/You’re my soulmate, my Goddess (My soulmate)/And baby (I fell in love with you),” 

It is also said that ASAP Rocky calls out Chris Brown, Rihanna’s former lover, for beating her. This is considered in the lyrics “I don’t beat my bitch, I need my bitch.” 

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Rihanna and ASAP Rocky haven’t released an authentic assertion asserting their marriage so it is unclear if the video is just an inventive expression or if it is true.

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