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French oil workers decide to stay on strike.

French oil workers decide to stay on strike.

Fuel station shortages have been caused by French oil workers’ decision to continue their strike, which has resulted in a nationwide strike.

When the government threatened to use mandatory powers to make some of them go back to work, they reacted fiercely.

In the third week of the strike, six of France’s seven oil refineries have been shut down.

The government wants to restart fuel flow since there are now frequently huge lines of cars at the gas stations.

According to reports, at least one type of motor fuel is currently in short supply at close to one-third of French gas stations.

The salary hikes the unions’ desire for their members should, in their opinion, reflect the enormous profits that the oil firms are currently making, according to the unions.

They want a 10% pay increase, with 7% going toward covering inflation and the remaining 3% going toward “wealth-sharing.”

The latest action by the government to mitigate the effects of the action is to requisition key personnel at a refinery in Normandy and threaten legal action unless they permit some lorry tanks to fill up.

The government would take action to “unblock the situation,” according to French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne if an agreement between the oil companies and the unions could not be reached.

The hard-left unions, who are instigating the strikes, perceive this as a danger to their right to strike, and they have become more forceful in their criticism of the government’s warning, branding it “illegal” and “a choice of violence.”

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The CGT union said it was awaiting the government’s requisition letters and would contest them in court, according to a spokesman.

Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, urged unions to call off the strikes on Friday, but he also urged energy companies to take the workers’ “legitimate salary requests” into consideration.

Some commuters in France have expressed frustration about the fuel shortages and noted that they need their automobiles for work, which has caused a rift in public opinion on the strike action.

But others have voiced sympathy for the strikes amid rising concern over the cost of living and increasing profits for some energy corporations.

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