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Group Advocates Support For Candidate With Youth Agenda

Group Advocates Support For Candidate With Youth Agenda

A certain political group under the umbrella of the National Youth Council of Nigeria has said that only candidates who have adequate plans for the Youths will get their support in the 2023 Elections.

The President, Sukobo Saraigbe Sukobo duly represented by the Deputy National Secretary General, made this statement at the United Youths of African Nations Stat of the Youth Proclamation in Abuja.

According to him, a nation that does not regard its youth is playing with its future development, as the Youths are the future of tomorrow in every nation, and the power to elect or reject a president lies in the hands of the Youths. If half of the youths decide to cast their vote for a particular candidate, that candidate is guaranteed victory already.

He further said that the youths have been through so many rough times in Nigeria, and it’s high time they change the narrative, by electing the right person in the 2023 Elections. As they should all come together to build a nation in which their future is guaranteed.

He said, “Any nation that toys with his youths, toys with its structure, foundation, and future. The youths are the future of the country. We have the power to make any president and reject any presidential candidate in any election. This is possible because of our demography.

“If half of the Nigerian youth decide to support a candidate, the candidate will surely win. It is youth O’clock. We will only give our support to those who have plans for us. We have suffered a lot and many youths are angry. We will amend this with our PVC in the 2023 elections.”

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He said, “Young people must come together and work with the government in the continent to build a future that they deserve. No one can plan your future for you. Africa will be great if we do this.”

The 2023 Elections are just around the corner, the option to change the narrative lies with us, the Youths, and the tomorrows of this great nation.

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