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Hot Weather Safety Tips You Should NEVER Ignore

Hot Weather Safety Tips You Should NEVER Ignore

Living a healthy life in hot weather requires planning and a change of habits. This includes changes in what we wear, how we live, and what we eat.

To ensure that you are safe and well-protected during this hot season, Federal Character is sharing some rare but great health tips to keep you cool, fresh, and healthy:

1. Reduce extra sources of heat

To stay cool and comfortable in hot weather, try eliminating unnecessary things that causes heat in your room. This could include removing extra light bulbs that creates an extra source of heat.

Other electrical and electronic devices can  also cause heat in your room, such as your computer left running, or your heater. Furthermore, limit the use of your cooker during the day, and ensure you turn off electronics and electrical appliances when not in use.

2. Avoid eating protein-rich foods.

This is especially for lunch. Avoid eating foods like red meat, sea foods, and dairy; which are quite high in protein, and can increase your body temperature.

This is generally because it takes more energy required by your metabolism in digesting these foods. Therefore, you should eat light meals, especially during the day. Eating meals full of protein for lunch increases your metabolism, causing you to sweat and feel uncomfortable.

3. Sit less, exercise more.

Exercising should be done irrespective of the weather condition, which is very important. You can engage in aerobic activities such as swimming and cycling. This will keep your body active during the heat.  

In addition, it will help healthily maintain your blood circulation while keeping your body in great shape. Ensure you hydrate while you exercise to keep everything balanced, and remember to take precautions such as wearing sunglass and a sunhat.

4. Take nutritional supplements

This is especially during the peak of heat season, in the hotter part of the year. It is important to stay healthy and hydrated by taking nutritional supplements such as vitamin B complex and vitamin C. These supplements work to give you the necessary energy needed to boost you when the heat slump hits you.

Vitamin B complex functions to boost your energy level and assist in muscle repair. Likewise, Vitamin C helps your body in coping and adjusting to the heat.

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5. Avoid taking sugary drinks.

Although it can be very tempting, try as much as possible to avoid sodas, high sugar fruit juices and drinks in hot weather. This can also be damaging our bodies, health-wise.

Sugary drinks are known to dehydrate due to their high level of sugar, which is the (dehydration) last thing we need during the summer. Instead, it is healthier to remain hydrated and cool on ice water, to keep your body from overheating, pale and dehydrated.

Which tips drew your attention the most that you feel you will like to follow?

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