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How to use Social media to grow your business.

How to use Social media to grow your business.

More than a billion people are using social media right now, this is a very huge number that is of a big advantage to your business.  You might be wondering  why you need social media for your business 

Every business wants to grow, every business wants to make sales and surely every business would look for ways to achieve these goals. Using social media to your advantage is one of the ways to achieve these goals. With a lot of people on social media, you can reach your potential customers even from the comfort of your couch at home. 

Social media allows you to communicate with your customers, build your network and learn new things. 

How can you use social media for your business?

1. Choose the right platform: 

There are tons of social media platforms each with different interests and ideas. Not all platforms would fit your business, so make sure to study each platform and align it with your business goals and plans. Before opening a business account on any social media channel, try it with your account. Create an account, understand the site, see what the pros and cons of using the app are, check out how other businesses use the app too, and think about how your business would fit in the activities. If you feel it is the right one for your business then you could go ahead and open a business account too. 

2. Understand your audience: 

After creating a social media account make sure to understand who your audience is. There are lots of people on social media and not everyone would be interested in what you have for them. You would have to streamline the type of audience you are on the app for. Do you want to target young or old people? Do you have products for a particular gender? What would your potential customer be like? Understanding your audience would make you create contents that would fit the appropriate audience. 

3. Create appealing and engaging content: 

After understanding who your audience is, you would want to attract them to your business with appealing and engaging content. The content you create would have to be in line with your business, remember that you want to attract potential customers not just anyone that would view your page and move on. Take clear pictures of your products, what you post is what they see and what they see would determine if they would be interested. Never posts shabby pictures of your products. If possible, you should make a video of your products. Teach and show them how to use your products, and create fun polls and live sessions. Make sure to do everything to keep your audience hooked and ready to make a purchase. Creating good content is one step to making your customers trust you. 

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4. Build relationships: 

Don’t be a person that comes once in a while, makes a post, and goes away till when next you have to come back to the app. It is called social media for a reason, you are supposed to socialize. Interact with your customers, if they make a post comment on it, like their posts, and let them notice that you are always available. Apart from interacting with your customers, and engaging with other entrepreneurs like yourself, you’d be surprised what you would learn from them. It’s not always about competition, try to connect with other people and learn the real scope of how to leverage social media. Check out what they are doing right. You could also collaborate with other business owners to run a giveaway or campaign. It is just about you getting the right reach. 

5. Be consistent: 

Surely it would get overwhelming at some point and you might want to give up on everything but do not slack because it would surely pay someday. Try to be consistent, and show up every time. Be in their faces every single time. Once they get familiar with you and your business, they would trust you enough to want to buy from you and to even refer you to other people. If you are very inconsistent, it would breed a lot of doubt in the mind of your customer. Make sure that you are always available so that the right opportunity would not pass you by. 

These are just a few but very important steps you can take to grow your business on social media. You can start today with social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, amongst others

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