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Letters with Agony Uncle

Letters with Agony Uncle

Good day readers, it’s your favorite Agony uncle. How have you been and how was your weekend? I’m trusting that y’all had a good time, because personally, I did have a good time and I wish the same for my audience too.

Well, I’ve got more letters in my inbox and today I’ll be answering some of our interesting questions. Please sit back and relax as we go through them together. 

Dear DOJ,

My boyfriend’s birthday is in a few weeks and I’ve been contemplating about what I should give him as a gift. I’ve heard that buying boxers and underwears for guys doesn’t really depict much value to them.  So I’ve been wondering what good gift I can give to him that he’ll appreciate. Can you help me with some suggestions please?

Getting a gift shouldn’t be that hard though. What’s more important about a gift is not the price or how expensive the gift is, but more about how much effort and love you put in to get it for the person. For guys, all I can say is that most of us don’t fancy anymore the conventional gifts given to us by females. I mean back then, when we were gifted with boxers and underwears, we used to appreciate it, but then it became sort of a general thing you know. Every girlfriend now made it a traditional thing to always give their boyfriends such a gift. When something meant to be special becomes a generality, it becomes less interesting and loses value. So, if you want to gift a guy on his birthday, I’d rather you try something out of the ordinary. Guys like things like accessories such as jewellery, wristwatches, bracelets, etc. Another suggestion is that you could get him kicks, guys love good shoes and will always be happy to add new ones to their collections. You can also buy him dope t-shirts with cool prints too. But the most important thing you should remember, is that the gift came from your heart first before your purse. That’s what makes it unique. I believe that if you follow your heart, you’ll surely get something nice for him.

Dear DOJ,

Is it wrong for me to date my guy’s ex? 

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Well, its kind of uncomfortable as a guy seeing one of your close friends in a relationship with someone you once dated. If it was that, you didn’t know it was his ex before you started dating her, then that would be a different scenario and it wouldn’t really matter. But the fact that you knew she was once his girlfriend and you still decided to go after her nevertheless, you might end up having frequent misunderstandings and some rifts in your friendship with your guy, because even if he says it’s fine, there’s no way he’ll be cool with the fact that you’re going out with his ex. Its a violation of the bro code if both of you believe in it. But if you truly have feelings for his ex then you can go on ahead to date her, but just know it comes with risks to your relationship with your guy especially if he hasn’t fully moved on.

Well, that brings us to end of today’s letters. All relationships have their challenges, I guess that’s what we get to learn from today’s questions. Don’t forget to always send in your questions to my inbox so I can always prepare the next article with the answers to your trivial issues, thank you. I remain your ever loyal Agony Uncle, DOJ.

See you next week!

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